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Ball Claw is an online magazine that focuses on homeware. You can consider us your expert homeware adviser. Our insightful and informative content on homeware will help you make your home cozier. We focus on providing you with a wide range of informative content touching on quality homeware, finishes, fittings, trends, news and ideas on how to make your home cozier.

Our content comes from writers who are passionate about homeware and have taken the time to observe how trends have evolved over time and how they influence present day trends, as well as how they mesh with the personal preferences of home owners. We can guarantee you that our platform has the best in terms of quality and insightful content that will positively impact the way you do your home remodeling. At the end of the day what we want for you is style, value and quality as you work towards achieving your dream home.

We look forward to being your trusted advisor on all things homeware.

Demarcus Cruickshank – Editorial Director, Ball Claw