Here are 7 tips on how to identify good quality wood

Wood has been identified as one of the best materials to use for homeware not only because it’s long lasting but also because it allows for elegant designs that give your home a naturally appealing look. One of the main challenges that come with wood is that not all wood is the same. You must be able to use good wood if you are to get its full benefits.

It’s for this reason that we’ll share with you 7 tips on how to identify good quality wood.

#1 Its level of hardness

Hardwood has been identified as the best type of wood because the harder the wood, the greater its ability to sustain itself despite the harsh conditions it’s subjected to. Good wood must therefore be hard as this increases its ability to resist deterioration.

#2 Its level of strength

Good wood must be strong and this will be demonstrated by its ability to bear weights that vary in levels of heaviness. As long as the wood will not crack and give in when exposed to weights then this means that it’s good wood.

wood1 - Here are 7 tips on how to identify good quality wood

#3 Its level of toughness

Good wood should be tough enough to be able to bear vibrations and shocks. When exposed to such, it should not be able to bend and split.

#4 Its level of elasticity

One of the qualities of good wood that prevents them from splitting or breaking when exposed to heavy weights or vibrations and shocks is its elasticity. This therefore means that good wood despite being forced to slightly bend because of either heavy loads or vibrations should be able to regain its original shape once this pressure on it has been removed.

#5 It has to be durable

Wood will always be exposed to many potential threats such as pest infestation especially when it’s used for furniture and fittings. Such threats may end up weakening the wood. Good quality wood should demonstrate its durability by being resistant to such threats.

#6 Its color

One of the easiest ways to tell the quality of wood is through its color. Generally, wood that is dark in color is of superior quality than wood that is light in color. The dark color in wood is actually an indication that the wood is sturdy and strong hence the best to work with. Light colored wood will on the other hand indicate that the wood is fragile and weak.

wood3 1 - Here are 7 tips on how to identify good quality wood

#7 It must be easy to work with

The process of converting wood to furniture and other fittings is not an easy process therefore the wood must be easy to work with in order for it to be able to be cut and shaped into the desired furniture and fitting designs. Good wood must therefore be malleable enough so that it’s easy to work with.

As you select the wood to work with be sure to consult experts in carpentry as they will be able to guide you in the process of wood selection to ensure that you select the best quality wood.