The top 3 interior decorating trends of 2018

The year has begun with a bit of a shift in interior decorating trends as home owners begin to focus more on custom made homeware as opposed to ready-made furnishings. Home owners in 2018 want to personalize their homes more through adding their own personal touch. This post will focus on the top 3 interior decorating trends that have been seen thus far in 2018.

furniture - The top 3 interior decorating trends of 2018

#1 A focus on handcrafted furniture

Many home owners have begun the year with an appreciation for custom made homeware and this has seen handcrafted furniture becoming a top trend. The appreciation for custom furniture is a result of the fact that you get furniture that matches the exact design and style that you are looking for in addition to its superior quality.

#2 Going for lively colors

Home owners seem to have a deeper appreciation for bright and lively colors for various pieces of furniture. Some of the color trends that are becoming more and more popular include tropical hues, foliage prints, ice cream colors, and geometric prints among others. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to get new furniture, just get a furniture designer to make some custom improvements on your current furniture.

furniture2 - The top 3 interior decorating trends of 2018

#3 A focus on warm wood tones

There is a shift from the use of plain colors which are being replaced by warm wood tones. These types of tones make the home more inviting and cozier, and make the home appear more stylish. When you add such tones in addition to your handcrafted furniture, you will have the perfect home.

If you are yet to try out these trends, you better make your way to someone who has to give you an idea of what you are missing. These 3 trends will make your house truly appear worth more than it is.