These are the 3 reasons to replace your furniture

Many people never really know when to replace their furniture, not until they get so worn out and start looking horrible. Sometimes people get too attached to their furniture for sentimental reasons thereby making it hard for them to let go and replace them with new ones.

This article will look at 3 reasons to replace your furniture.

f2 - These are the 3 reasons to replace your furniture

When it reaches the end of its lifespan

Many people don’t know this but furniture has a lifespan. It may not be a perishable product, but it’s not meant to last forever. In many cases, furniture such as sofas and couches are generally expected to last for at least 15 years, whereas most high quality mattresses will last for at least 10 years. Dining room sets on the other hand may last a little bit longer depending on the quality of the wood. When you’ve had them this long, it’s time you start thinking about replacing them.

When they are seriously damaged

In some cases your furniture may end up getting damaged for one reason or the other and this may be a damage that is not repairable. This could be water or moisture damage that leads to growth of mold, a breakage in multiple parts, or tearing in upholstered chairs. When your furniture is in this state then its time you considered replacing it.

f1 - These are the 3 reasons to replace your furniture

When you make major changes to your interior decor

It may get to a point whereby you are in need of a new look and feel in your house thereby making some major changes to your interior décor. When you do this and realize that your furniture doesn’t seem to fit your new home décor then it’s time you considered replacing the furniture with new ones that fit your design concept.

It’s worth noting that replacement should be your last option. If you can find someone to do some retouch work on the furniture you should do so as it will help save some of your costs.