5 qualities to look out for when hiring an interior designer

When you are looking to redesign your home and you need the help of an interior designer to achieve this, it’s important to have in mind the qualities of good interior designer who will be able to actualize our home improvement project. This process of vetting designers can be likened to a HR process.

Good designers must be able to not only come up with fresh and appealing designs but also give you recommendations on the homeware you will select that blends perfectly with the design.

That’s where the Human Resource Experts Payboy come into play.

Here are 5 qualities by Payboy to look out for when hiring an interior designer.

They must have the necessary certification

Any design work that you engage in must be done by an interior designer who has the requisite certification. This indicates that they are professional therefore you are more guaranteed that they will implement your project to the highest level and standards of satisfaction. This includes comfortably handling all the legal requirements that come with the work of interior design.

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They must have the requisite experience

Giving your interior design project to an interior designer who doesn’t have the requisite experience to handle such a project may be a bit of a risk on your part and you are likely to get disappointed by the quality of work they do for you. It’s therefore important for you to verify their experience level before giving them the job.

They must be very professional

Working with a professional interior designer is very important because their level of professionalism will give you a good indication of the quality of their work. Professionalism can be seen from their ability to be punctual, the way they will present samples of their past work as well as the references they will provide you.

They must be very creative

The work of an interior designer is highly pegged on their level of creativity. This is because interior design is a very practical profession therefore a good designer should be able to translate their theoretical knowledge into practical solutions and the only way to achieve this is by being very creative. You can tell their level of creativity by looking at their portfolio of past projects they have handled.
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They must have really good listening skills

Before you settle on an interior designer you must be 100 per cent sure that they have good listening skills. It’s only a designer who listens keenly as you speak who will be able to produce design work that matches what you had in mind. A poor listener my fail to hear crucial details about what you want therefore end up messing up the entire project.

The moment you find an interior designer who checks all these boxes then be sure not to hesitate offering them the job. We can guarantee you that they will do a great job.